Welcome to the Open Simulation Architecture site.

This document is still under construction

OSA stands for Open Simulation Architecture. OSA is primarily intended to be a federating platform for the simulation community: it is designed to favour the integration of new or existing contributions at every level of its architecture.

The platform core supports discrete-event simulation engine(s) built on top of the ObjectWeb Consortium�s Fractal component model. In OSA, the systems to be simulated are modeled and instrumented using Fractal components. Fractal components offer many advanced and original features, such as multi-programming language support and the ability to share sub-components. In OSA, the event handling is mostly hidden in the controller part of the components, which alleviates noticeably the modeling process, but also ease the replacement of any part of the simulation engine. Apart the simulation engine, OSA aims at integrating useful tools for modeling, developing, experimenting and analysing simulations.

OSA is still a research project. See the OSA publications for more details.

The OSA Galaxy

OSA is composed of a collection of sub-modules that are dsigned to be as independent as possible from each other. As a consequence, OSA is not mant to be downloadd and installed as a single big package, but rather as an ever increasing list of projects.

See here for a tentative list.